Bladder Stones
Written by Hilary Cheyne   

Hilary has asked me to post the following on the DDTC website...


Two parts to this!

First the UK - do you have or do you know of any Dandies in the UK 
that have or have had bladder stones - urate stone disease? If so, it 
would help if you could let me have the name of the Dandie (totally 
confidential) and advise whether that Dandie has had a DNA sample sent 
to the Animal Health Trust. If no DNA has been sent for that 
particular Dandie, would you be prepared to do so? (a kit can be sent 
to you and it only takes a few minutes at home - DIY - blood is not 
required, just a swab)

The Kennel Club has announced today that there is a DNA test for this 
condition in Bull Terriers and Black Russian Terriers. In general 
conversation, over the last year, I have been told of several bitches 
with this condition and I have their names - including one of mine.

The Animal Health Trust have agreed, at no cost to us, to run our 
samples to validate this new DNA test for Dandies. quote from AHA 

"I spoke to our diagnostics team and they would be happy to test a few 
samples to validate the test for dandies."

So if could help with names so that the AHA can run those samples from 
affected dogs?

At the moment, I don't think any of us with dogs with this condition 
know whether or not it is environmental - drinking water etc so this 
is an excellent chance, if the test is validated for Dandies, to check 
that it is not a problem in our DNA.

Second part. It would be very good to know if this is a problem that 
is being experienced with Dandies outside the UK.

Please pass these questions on to Dandie Breeders/Owners you know and 
get back to me as soon as possible - this information will be kept 
totally confidential - I would see no results of this test.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - Please put DNA STONES as the title so 
I don't miss anything!

If we get this information to the AHT fast, we should know very very 
shortly if it is a viable test for Dandies.

Thank you for your help.