Darlington Dog Show Society

Ripon Racecourse, 17th September 2023. Judge: Miss A Bradley.


Dog CC & BOB Drake & Kurg's Ch. Etsill Mykillkvi with Tollcross
Reserve Dog CC Allenby & Karlsen's Ch. Dariant Gladiolus at Karezig
Bitch CC Henry's Trinzy Hair N'Graces
Reserve Bitch CC Weaving's Dentgate Silk Threads
Best Veteran Henry's Trinzy Hair N'Graces

Junior Dog 1st: Henry's Ch. Tymeirz Benibouy
Strongly made head, broad skull, well defined stop, eyes well set but would prefer a larger eye to give the desired Dandie expression, has muscular neck well set into shoulders, good length to body, deep chest, pleasing top-line, correct arch over loin, has good rear drive, just a little close coming towards, well presented mustard coat.
2nd: Cruden & Kaye's Dryfevalley Midnight Blue
Pepper, really liked the head, scored well in eye, large round and well placed, moderate neck, fair length of body, reasonable arch to loin, not in coat on the day, moved out well.
3rd: Nathan & Cox-Purcell's Puddockswell Screaming J Hawkins
Res: Cundall's Puddockswell What The Dickens of Bleaklee
VHC: Atkinson's Poppipetalz MrBlueSky at Hullpride

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Barnfather's Barnabus McLogan
Strongly made, balanced head of good width, deep muzzle, fair in neck, ample depth of chest, decent body outline with good tail set.

Limit Dog 1st: Drake & Kurg's Ch. Etsill Mykillkvi with Tollcross
Very typy pepper, good strength to head, well domed, ears set well back and low broad skull, defined stop, deep muzzle, moderate large eyes, dark hazel, has muscular neck, well set in shoulders, short forelegs, well muscled, chest well let down, correct length of body with weasley outline, pleasing tail and carriage, rear quarters well angulated, hocks well let down, moved with accurate front with good reach, presented in harsh top coat, DCC & BOB.

Open Dog 1st: Allenby & Karlsen's Ch. Dariant Gladiolus at Karezig
Well proportioned head of strength, ample stop, would prefer a larger eye, has muscular neck, forelegs short, well boned, good depth of chest, correct weasley body with pleasing set on, sound easy movement, RDCC.

Veteran Bitch 1st: Henry's Trinzy Hair N'Graces
This 7 year old mustard impressed on the go round, super body outline and carriage, simply owned the ring, most lovely head, ample strength, well domed forehead covered with soft silky topknot, correct rich dark hazel eyes set wide apart, large and round, has sufficient layback of shoulder to allow for good reach, body long and curvy, super tail well carried, whilst very well presented, could have benefitted with a little more of her harsh body coat but still deserved and was pleased to award her 2nd CC and wish her well for the future, BCC & BV.
2nd: Atkinson's Kingcottage Abilene West at Hullpride
Pepper, 9 year feminine girl of nice balance, reasonable neck and shoulder to moderate length of body with enough depth of chest, has good tail set and carriage.

Junior Bitch 1st: Cavanagh's Nora z Roxburku Sun cum Magellanica
Nicely proportioned head, good bite, neck well set into shoulders, good length of body, ribs well sprung, arch over loin, just out of puppy and needing a little more development in body, pleasing tail set.
2nd: Ness & Nicholson's Calmarlin State Occasion
This mustard was still a puppy and whilst enjoying herself was all over the place on the move, however later settled a little for BP.

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Deegan's Calmarlin Lady Elisabeth of Deegandan
Pepper with good strength to head, well placed eyes, typical large and round, neck well set into shoulders, chest well let down, decent body outline, good tail carriage, pleasing coat.
2nd: Atkinson's Coupe D'Hebe at Hullpride
Mustard, balanced head, well set dark eyes, correct body length, deep chest, in good coat, sound in movement.

Limit Bitch 1st: Fray's Woodfud Winters Dream
Has good strength to head, forehead well domed, good stop, strong muzzle, well laid shoulders to good length of body, nice arch over loin, movement rather close going away.
2nd: Weaving's Dentgate Silk Threads
Pepper, well proportioned head, would prefer darker eyes, pleasing body outline, scored well in movement.

Open Bitch 1st: Allenby's Ch. Diddimont Luna Wuffgood
Mustard, typical head and expression from her large round dark hazel eyes, good ear set, well domed forehead finished with soft topknot, decent neck to well laid shoulders, chest well let down, correct body outline, well angulated quarters, RBCC.
2nd: Weaving's Dentgate Silk Threads