Manchester Dog Show Society

Staffordshire County Showground, 20th January 2022. Judge: Mr M Walshaw.

Many thanks to the officers and committee of the society for inviting me to judge this delightful breed for the first time at this level. It was pleasing to see such happy dispositions throughout the exhibits and the exhibitors who also took my decisions sportingly. I must thank the stewards who did a sterling job. Some of the dogs appeared a little 'tired & jaded' after a long wait to get into the ring. It was pleasing to watch the group and puppy group, where both exhibits and handlers did the breed proud and put on great performances.


Dog CC Milton & Kurg's Barton Dandies Charles Darnay
Reserve Dog CC Fox & Cox's MyDan'd Look What I Found at Puddockswell
Bitch CC & BOB Allenby's Diddimont Luna Wuffgood
Reserve Bitch CC Sleight's Danchester's Can You Hear Me Roar for Bonnybeck
Best Puppy Butcher's Mishahda Mischief Managed

Puppy Dog 1st: Butcher's Mishahda Mischief Managed
What a lovely young lad to start off with. 11 mth Mustard. Good size for his age with correct bone and substance. Slightly long in foreface, head broad and ears thin, good dentition. Jacket coming through well. Lovely outline both standing and on the move, correct ribbing, strong loin and rise, good rear, tidy tail set and tail well carried. Moved steady and tidily, covering the ground, well handled. Should do well. BP.

Junior Dog 1st: Fox & Cox's MyDan'd Look What I Found at Puddockswell
Mustard. Liked this one for overall, balance, type and shape. Good for size, beautiful well groomed jacket. Correct topline, good round ribbing,ample bone and substance, strong loin , good rise, tidy tailset. Appealing strong head, big teeth, powerful jaw. Moved steadily. RDCC.
2nd: Simpson's Dandiroyal Dream Catcher
Pepper, OK in head, liked the expression on this boy. Good neck and shoulders, good jacket coming. Weasley body with ample rear angulation. Moved ok in front and good behind. Steady showman. Just a touch flat at times.

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Milton & Kurg's Barton Dandies Charles Darnay
2 year old mustard, who was well built with bone and substance, sure he could do a job. Strength in head, powerful jaw, dentition, sparkling eye, thin ears and lovely expression. Ample, strong neck, Tidy in front and well angulated front and rear. Feet well padded. Good ribbing, strong loin and correct rise. Steady away on the move when he settled, holding his balanced shape. DCC. Was good to learn later that he was the sire of my BOB.
2nd: Simpson's Dandiroyal Dream Catcher

Limit Dog 1st: Milton & Kurg's Barton Dandies Charles Darnay
2nd: Poole's Hawkesmill Merlon
Well ribbed, good bone, ok in angulation front and rear. Not the head of 1. Moved steadily.
3rd: Denham's Dentgate Hucklberries

Open Dog 1st: Fox's Puddockswell Hoodwink
Good for overall type. Pleasing head & eye, large skull. Strong long neck. Shows well, with good ring presence, keeping his head held high, on the move in the ring, always looking around. Stood on tidy well padded feet, decent ribbing and good tailset. He moved well, which gave him the edge in the class.
2nd: Brown's Great Gatsby ze Zihelske Zahrady
Ideal length, smart outline with rise in the correct place. Correct front and rear angulation which gave him free tidy movement. Masculine head with correct proportions and a skull that filled your hand. Correct scissors bite. crisp jacket. Deep dark pepper coat. Well handled and presented.

Veteran Dog 1st: Bamber's Dentgate Mutuca Indicolite
Pepper dog 8 ½ years old. Lovely in head, strong muzzle and jaw, with smart eye. Excellent bone and substance. Ribs ok. Sporting a decent jacket. Moved steadily, sound both ways, but tended to drop profile.
2nd: Booth's Ch. Borderstone Kingman for Lannia
Pepper, moved with head held high. Good temperament. Good width to skull, tidy well placed ears. lovely overall expression and good strength through foreface and jaw. Ample bone. Good depth and length of ribbing. Moved soundly with purpose.
3rd: Youngs's Inzievar The Goldsmith

Puppy Bitch 1st: Buckley's Jollygaze Quizzical for Lovelettie
10 mth pepper. Freemoving youngster with Weasley body. Tidy through head, with clean bite and bright eye. Ample neck, ok for bone, well angulated front and rear. Sporting a tidy jacket for age. Lovely disposition and enjoying her time in the ring.

Junior Bitch 1st: Allenby's Diddimont Luna Wuffgood
14 mth Mustard. What a lovely youngster, put down in tip top condition and sporting an excellent jacket, correct top coat, with pencilling and softer undercoat. Presents a super outline, gentle curves, balanced throughout, with good length to height ratio. Lovely head piece, bright round eye, correct neck and shoulders, smart ribbing and correct tail carriage. Well handled by her young owner. Moved very well covering the ground with a fluid free action, true all ways and maintaining her topline. A quality girl, that I have previously awarded top honours to as a puppy. BCC & BOB. Delighted to find out that this was her crowning CC, well deserved.
2nd: Youngs's Ceilmear's Legally Blonde
Smaller frame and head of 1, but well put together, lovely expression. Weasely through body, OK in front. Friendly nature, moved steadily.
3rd: Turner-Tarr's Redgreet Mary Buttercup
Res: Cundall's Diddimont Bella Trix of Bleaklee

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Youngs's Danchester's Can U Keep A Secret
Mustard. Good moving girl, covering the ground easily and comfortably. coat good with pencilling, tidy head, good dentition, Weasley body, well ribbed, smart when stacked, adequate bone, decent angulation.
2nd: Bamber's Dentgate Silk Red Ribbon
Stronger in head and more compact than 1. Not the coat of the winner. Well off for bone and substance. Good angulation throughout. Moved tidily.
3rd: Weaving's Dentgate Silk Threads
Res: Cundall's Diddimont Bella Trix of Bleaklee

Limit Bitch 1st: Sleight's Danchester's Can You Hear Me Roar for Bonnybeck
Mustard. Lovely balanced head and eye, nice neck, coat and length of body, good topline and tail set. Plenty of bone and substance. Correct rise over loin when stacked. Tidy through a clean front and adequate rear angulation. Sporting a good jacket with smart furnishings, that finished the picture. Moved steadily both ways, just dropped topline a couple of times in the final run offs. RBCC.
2nd: Gregg's Dariant Quelle at Bambusa
Another smart bitch. Good through a clean head, long neck, ample bone and ribbing. Sporting another excellent jacket. Moved well with purpose, covering the ground and looking the part on her toes.
3rd: Weaving's Dentgate Silk Threads

Open Bitch 1st: Bradley-Jenkins's Thystine Blueberries
2 yr old. Presented a typey outline and overall shape. Substance and bone. Good through a well balanced head, nice eye and expression. clean through neck and shoulders. good ribbing with depth and top line held on the move. Jacket ok. Very lethargic and reluctant on the move, which let her down today.
2nd: Rolland's Dandiroyal Cream Tea
Well balanced head with defined stop and tidy ears, large expressive eyes giving correct expression, clean neck and shoulder, good body proportions and angulation. Smart jacket with pencilling. Not the topline of winner.
3rd: Denham's Dentgate Mulberry Silk

Veteran Bitch 1st: Milton's Ch. Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit
Very smart well put together 8 year old lady. Balanced throughout. Lovely outline, good proportions, plenty of bone and substance. Pretty head, sparkling eye, correct muzzle and jaw, with lovely expression and enough strength that she could do her job. Good ribs, strong correct loin, nothing overdone. Moved well both ways and was well handled & presented. A pleasure to judge.