Ladies Kennel Association

NEC Birmingham, 11th December 2021. Judge: Mrs Frances Chapman King (Inzievar).


Dog CC & BOB Denham's Dentgate Hucklberries
Reserve Dog CC Bamber's Dentgate Mutuca Indicolite
Bitch CC Bradley-Jenkins's Thystine Blueberries
Reserve Bitch CC Denham's Dentgate Mulberry Silk
Best Puppy Buckley's Jollygaze Quizzical for Lovelettie
Best Veteran Bamber's Dentgate Mutuca Indicolite

Puppy Dog 1st: Butcher's Mishahda Mischief Managed
Promising youngster with a pleasing topline and outline all through to tail set and carriage, decent front and balanced angulation, ribs well back, in good coat for his age and moved sound all ways. Not yet the finished picture of course and at this age has time to develop more in head and substance. Sympathetically handled to advantage and well presented.
2nd: Davies's Dandie Dream Call Me Winner
Another raw youngster, more developed in head than first with strong masculine head and good eye. Rather loose shoulders and a touch upright, flat topline and tail carriage too high, good quarters. Moved at speed round the ring which did not help his front movement, with long couplings he lacked co-ordination and balance. Good coat for age and lovely temperament. This exhibitor would not stay in the ring for critique.

Junior Dog 1st: Fox & Cox's MyDan'd Look What I Found at Puddockswell
Typical mustard with a lovely eye and strong foreface, large teeth. Could have a touch more dome, head yet to finish. Good in body properties, pleasing quarters, well set on. Good bone and feet, crisp coat, moved sound. Could have a touch more drive to finish the picture.

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Denham's Dentgate Hucklberries
This typical quality youngster really set the standard. Balanced and strong masculine head, not overdone, large teeth with strong jaw, with an excellent melting expression from his liquid eye and large nose to finish the picture. Good neck and run in to clean well laid shoulder, ribbed up, long weaselly body shape all through to tail. Strong well made quarters, good bone and feet. Shown in excellent condition and full rich colour mustard coat of correct texture, length and density. With his sound free and easy stride, easily the best mover of the day. CC & BOB and delighted to see he was shortlisted in a strong group.
2nd: Swallow's Belapapavo Joyous Jaguar
Mustard with a lovely temperament, good eye, strong muzzle, big nose. Could have more angulation. Moved out fairly well.

Open Dog 1st: Fox's Puddockswell Hoodwink
Pepper with lovely eye and expression, strong well filled muzzle, big nose. Good length of body, ribbed up, well made rear, good tail and set on. Sound on the move, well handled. Coat texture a touch fine and short and not in full double coat today. Up to size.
2nd: France's Ch./Int Ch. Back To My Roots at Luna Caprese with Torbrae
Pepper. Close up to first and pleasing eye, expression and big nose. Strong muzzle, long and low to ground, good quarters. Not putting all in on the move and looking a touch too low and heavy and restricted in front movement today. Sound going.
3rd: Harcourt-Morris's Dainty Dandies River Mersey at Lenacourt
Res: Stanley's Sokrovische Gardariki Aristokrat at Waffelin

Veteran Dog 1st: Bamber's Dentgate Mutuca Indicolite
Typical pepper, with a masculine head, strong muzzle, large teeth and big nose. Good bone and feet, correct body proportions and properties, shapely outline all through to tailset. Shown in good coat of correct texture and moving sound all ways with a good length of stride. Carrying a touch too much weight, but could not be denied the Res CC. Well handled.

Puppy Bitch 1st: Buckley's Jollygaze Quizzical for Lovelettie
This immature feminine pepper caught my eye with her lovely head, eye and expression. All Dandie – and her showy temperament. Good length of body and of correct proportions. Moved soundly with style to win BPIB. Well handled.

Junior Bitch 1st: Cundall's Diddimont Bella Trix of Bleaklee
Sweet feminine mustard, lovely balanced head and eye. Presenting a shapely outline of correct weaselly shape all through to tail. Long bodied, good ribbing, good quarters. Not always co-operating on the move, however did settle to the job and can move well. Needs a new coat.

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Cundall's Diddimont Bella Trix of Bleaklee
Moved better in this class.
2nd: McCain's Blue Violet Flower at Bankwillow
Typical pepper of good size, make and shape and fairly well balanced in overall proportions. Good bone and feet. Pretty feminine head and eye and moved out quite well.
3rd: Bamber's Dentgate Silk Red Ribbon
Res: Cavanagh's Puddockswell My Darling Clementine cum Magellanica

Limit Bitch 1st: Sleight's Danchester's Can You Hear Me Roar for Bonnybeck
Lots to like about this mustard. Super head, eye and expression. Shapely body of good length and ribbed up. Well made quarters and in good coat. Just not putting all in on the move. Carrying too much condition and looked a touch heavy and low across shoulders today, restricting her front movement.
2nd: Gregg's Dariant Quelle at Bambusa
Feminine mustard with super head, eye and expression. Beautifully presented coat of excellent texture. Would like more length to balance her body proportions.
3rd: Stanley's Sokrovische Gardariki Astory at Waffelin

Open Bitch 1st: Bradley-Jenkins's Thystine Blueberries
Pepper with a lovely head, eye and expression. Of good make and shapely long body, well ribbed and strong quarters. Good bone and feet and shown in good coat. Well handled by her very young handler to bring out the best in her. It was good to see the ringside support this young handler. Could carry a touch less weight to advantage. Moved well after some persuasion (sausages I think!) to win the CC. Well done.
2nd: Denham's Dentgate Mulberry Silk
Smaller bitch of different type. This typical feminine bitch has a lovely head and eye, correct outline and topline all through to tail, good ribbing, in good coat of correct texture. Close up to first and pleasing and typical throughout, making it a close decision. Moved well. RCC.
3rd: France's Ch. Miss Sophie di Luna Caprese at Torbrae
Res: Stanley's Honey Hope ze Zihelske Zahrady at Waffelin

Veteran Bitch 1st: Hubbard's Bonnybeck Chrystal Cascade at Crackerdog
Good headed bitch with lovely eye and expression. Long bodied and shown in good order. Could have a touch more angulation.