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Wedding Bells
Monday, 31 August 2009 11:06




Congratulations to Loise from Co. Meath on her wedding on 31st July.  Here she is with her Dandie, Puddockswell Teddy Edward.

British Heritage Dog Breeds
Sunday, 02 August 2009 18:37

A new website has recently come online to publicise vulnerable... er, I mean Heritage... dog breeds.  Many of the minds behind the website will be familiar to the Dandie community, but all 'numerically small' British and Irish breeds will be represented.

The groups mission statement is...

To provide a place that like minded individuals, who care about British Heritage Dog Breeds, can visit, exchange views, pick up information, read reports and view event listings. It is not a Club, Organisation, Foundation or Commercial site.

All British breeds are part of our heritage however, in the context of this web site, British Heritage Dog Breeds are defined as those breeds which are in need of some assistance, like an ancient listed building or an important work of art.

The purpose of this web site to form an interactive hub; a central meeting point for like-minded enthusiasts who care about the future of our British Heritage Dog Breeds. It is hoped that successful Heritage British Breed supporters will join us in our mission.

This is where we can share ideas, promote events, post on the forum, ask for volunteers, support or help and, most importantly, make contact with each other. This will be YOUR site; it will be international; the press will have access to it - we need to get the information out here on the web.

To learn more, please visit




Quarterly Puppy Registrations
Sunday, 02 August 2009 17:22

Recent Kennel Club statistics show 28 registrations in the first quarter of 2009, and only 17 registrations in the second quarter.  If and when Dr Lohi's research gives us a DNA test for genetic predisposition to glaucoma it will take a lot of the 'risk' out of Dandie breeding - but at this rate, will we still have enough breeding stock to keep the breed viable?

Yesterday I met a lady whose family had owned Dandies for three generations - and about 140 years.  Her grandfather was a founder member of our Club in 1875.  I wonder if there will be any Dandies left for my grandchildren.



"Jackson is top dog—on the Isle of Dogs"
Friday, 24 July 2009 20:17

Jackson and Paul were in the news again yesterday, in the East London Advertiser...


Jackson is top dog—on the

Isle of Dogs

MEET Jackson the Yazga Dandie Dinmont Terrier-he's ‘top dog' on the Isle of Dogs!

And that's his master he's with in a London telephone box on Saturday.

Looks a bit like him, doesn't he?

The pair couldn't wait to ring home to tell the family they won Best in Show at the Kennel Club's 150th anniversary dog show-held naturally at the Isle of Dogs.



But it was a double top for the top dog who also took the title of Most Like His Owner with a little help from his master Paul Keevil.

The two went home to Redhill in Surrey grinning like Cheshire cats.

But East London's own mutts still reigned supreme in the fun side of the century-and-a-half celebrations.

Burnsfield, a Jack Russell from Poplar, won the ‘glossiest coat' contest, while Willow, a Rottweiler from Canning Town, took the ‘waggiest tail' title.


'Vulnerable breed' dog wins Best in Show
Wednesday, 22 July 2009 16:21

Congratulations to Sheila, Paul and Jackson (Yazga Love The One You're With) on winning BIS in the Best Of British Companion Dog Show on Saturday.


A DORMANSLAND dog whose breed is classified as vulnerable by the Kennel Club has triumphed in the organisation’s Best of British Companion Dog Show.

Jackson, a Dandie Dinmont Terrier owned by Sheila Bullock and Paul Keevil, took home the coveted Best in Show prize.

Dandie Dinmonts are on the Kennel Club’s British Vulnerable Breeds list because only 119 puppy registrations were made with it last year, whereas estimates suggest a breed needs at least 300 registrations in order to ensure future survival.

The event was organised to mark the 150th anniversary of dog shows.

The Kennel Club’s Caroline Kisko said: “We are delighted that Jackson won our celebration of 150 years of dog showing, which will help to raise the profile of the lovely Dandie Dinmont breed.

“The day really gave people the chance to find our more about how dog shows can help improve the future of our pedigree dogs.”

Mr Keevil added: “I was delighted when Jackson came home with the prize for the best dog on the day.

“I have no doubt that the judge saw what a happy, healthy dog he is and how much he loves life, and that is why he came back with the prize.

“It’s a double celebration for us to win the show, because Dandie Dinmonts are a vulnerable breed and this will really help potential dog owners to find out about this wonderful breed and whether they might be right for them.”

All money raised from the show is going to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.


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