Border Union

Springwood Park, Kelso, 19th June 2022. Judge: Mrs Margaret Russell (Hawkesmill).

Thanks must go firstly to you the exhibitors for allowing me the privilege of going over your dogs on this my first CC appointment, and then to Border Union for giving me the opportunity. I was very pleased with my main winners, although I did think that some exhibits appeared quite fine lacking bone and substance with overly long necks, and I wonder if they could do the job they were bred for. Toplines varied. I know the back legs should be longer than the front legs so that the dog is higher at the back than at the front, but many did not have the slight downward curve from the loin to the root of the tail, but finish after the arch over the loin. The Dandie should be a series of continuing curves. When it comes to presentation, a natural coat looks so much better, your Dandie is a unique breed quite unlike any other Terrier in the group and while dogs may look smart, please remember that the coat is a very important part of the standard, it should be a double coat as near to 5cm (2”) as possible so that it can give protection from the elements, if its very short, although the overseas influence in presentation makes them look very flashy and showy, a short coat won’t keep the dogs dry and warm. Please be conscious of the fact that we are the guardians of this breed. It has not as yet been dramatically altered in any way from the original of over 200 years ago, lets strive to keep it that way.


Dog CC & BOB Denham's Dentgate Hucklberries
Reserve Dog CC Butcher's Mishahda Mischief Managed
Bitch CC Allenby's Ch. Diddimont Luna Wuffgood
Reserve Bitch CC Sleight's Ch. Danchester's Can You Hear Me Roar for Bonnybeck
Best Puppy Saville & Cox-Purcell's Puddockswell Lead Belly at Darcellie
Best Veteran Miller's Dryfevalley Minnie The Minx

Puppy Dog 1st: Saville & Cox-Purcell's Puddockswell Lead Belly at Darcellie
Best Puppy. 10 month mustard male on his own, quite a large lad, well angulated at the back, he will have a good coat, he’s very well off for furnishings having plenty of undercoat, small ears, pleasing strong muzzle, clean scissor bite, perhaps a little wide at the front, good topline and tail set with short neat tail carried well on the move, a little cracker to start my day off. I'm still smiling.

Junior Dog 1st: Butcher's Mishahda Mischief Managed
Res CC. First rate 17 month old mustard, good strong muzzle, good head and stop, dark eyes, lovely jacket, very well muscled at the rear, lovely ribbing, proportions on a correctly shaped body, a lot to like about him. I'm sure he will be an asset to the breed.

Yearling Dog 1st: Miller & Cox-Purcell's Mydan'd Thackery Binx of Puddockswell
Large attractive mustard in a good jacket, pleasing head, dark eye, fine well placed ears, a little reluctant on the move, a touch wide behind.

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Fox & Cox's MyDan'd Look What I Found at Puddockswell
Mustard, won this class with his favourable head, dark eye, big strong muzzle, good mouth, large punishing teeth, fine well placed ears, not overly large, not a bad neck and topline, good colour, smart jacket, very well muscled.
2nd: Simpson's Dandiroyal Dream Catcher
Pepper dog, not quite the forechest and topline as first, very hoppy on the move, slightly small head, pretty enough though.

Open Dog 1st: Denham's Dentgate Hucklberries
CC & BOB, also made the final 6 in the Group. Handsome Mustard, natural colouring, a head to fill your hand with good ear placement, dark low set eye, strong muzzle and punishing jaw, has a nice well shaped flowing topline, lovely length of neck, good strong front, nicely set shoulders, shapely body, well set tail, covered his ground well, a lot to like about him.
2nd: Cox-Purcell & Miller's Puddockswell Jelly Roll Morton
Another mustard, not quite the topline of first, lovely jacket colour and peniciling, shorter in muzzle, although in proportion, good head, fine ears, good mouth, good chest, not very positive in movement, on the go around all dogs extremely well muscled.
3rd: Fox's Puddockswell Hoodwink

Puppy Bitch 1st: Bell's Reidswire Flower Of Yarrow
Pepper, long neck, small head, neat ears, lovely dark eye, very good teeth and correct scissor bite, nice forechest, lovely ribbing, good topline, good coat of near correct length.
2nd: Bell's Cofgodas Beurre D'Avalon
Mustard moved erratically although she had the better forechest, she has lovely jacket, very similar in head to first, ear set perhaps a little high, a tad stern high today, could just be development.
3rd: Simpson's Diddimont I Have A Dream

Yearling Bitch 1st: Turner-Tarr's Redgreet Mary Buttercup
Pepper, when she settled on the move, she moved very well, small head, nice muzzle, good teeth, fine ears, lovely length of neck, not a bad forechest, lovely depth of chest, lovely length and topline, moved pretty well on the move, both these bitches were very well muscled.
2nd: Cundall's Diddimont Bella Trix of Bleaklee
Mustard bitch, naturally coloured, could have won this class had she moved a bit better, small muzzle in proportion, nice head and ears, low on her head, lovely length of neck, better forechest than first, nice length and topline, very exciting, just needs a little more time to settle down.
3rd: Rolland's Dandiroyal Dream Maker

Novice Bitch 1st: Turner-Tarr's Redgreet Mary Buttercup

Graduate Bitch 1st: Miller's Dryfevalley Alchemist
On her own, pepper bitch, little short in neck, smaller head, nicely placed ears, good strong muzzle, good teeth, wide enough in front, lovely jacket, quite well ribbed back, could have more tuck up, happy girl, very well muscled.

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Cox-Purcell & Miller's MyDan'd Taboo Ruthie at Puddockswell
Mustard, could do with more furnishing, good head, strong muzzle, nice placement of ears, pleasing length of neck, good forechest, well muscled, movement not brilliant today, could have a stronger front, nice topline and tail set.
2nd: Henry's Trinzy Glamour N'Grace
Mustard, heavily coloured, on the nervous side but Im told had not been shown much, good topline, good muzzle, small head, looked a little narrow, reluctant to move happily around.
3rd: Cavanagh's Puddockswell My Darling Clementine cum Magellanica

Limit Bitch 1st: McCain's Blue Violet Flower at Bankwillow
Small pepper, movement not good on any in this class, good length to her neck, sweet expression, fine ears, good mouth, attractive eyes, reasonably good head, short well placed neat tail, rather dark jacket, good tuck up, all in all not too bad.
2nd: Allenby's Wilmit Mildred Potter for Diddimont
Mustard, moved out well, smallish, although in proportion, head good, strong muzzle, fine ears, elegant neck, good length of body and tail set, movement difficult to assess in this class.
3rd: Cavanagh's Puddockswell My Darling Clementine cum Magellanica
Res: Stanley's Sokrovische Gardariki Astory at Waffelin
VHC: Weaving's Dentgate Silk Threads

Open Bitch 1st: Allenby's Ch. Diddimont Luna Wuffgood
CC. Mustard, nice shape to her topline, lovely head and expression, very kind gentle eye, nicely set tail, reached out well in front on the move and driving off from behind, very pretty, very feminine bitch, not a bad jacket, even colour all over.
2nd: Sleight's Ch. Danchester's Can You Hear Me Roar for Bonnybeck
Res CC. Mustard, pleasing shape, good percentage of undercoat to top coat in her jacket, higher at the back than first, attractive head, kind eye giving a pleasing melting expression, well placed nice fine ears, shapely bitch, very well presented, super mover, at one with her handler.
3rd: Chapman-King's Inzievar Maid In Gold
Res: Denham's Dentgate Mulberry Silk
VHC: Rolland's Ch. Dandiroyal Cotswold Dream

Veteran Bitch 1st: Miller's Dryfevalley Minnie The Minx
Best Veteran. Nearly 9 years old, grand mustard jacket, small head, strong neck, super eyes, mouth still really good, a little wide in front perhaps, moved off well, a real little charmer, liked her a lot.