National Terrier

Staffordshire County Showground, 6th April 2019. Judge: Mr Martin Phillips.


Dog CC & BOB Deacon & Hill's Ch. Cassencarrie Choirmaster
Reserve Dog CC Booth's Ch. Borderstone Kingman for Lannia
Bitch CC Milton's Ch. Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit
Reserve Bitch CC Rolland's Dandiroyal Cotswold Dream
Best Puppy Wilson's Morawelon Cader Idris
Best Veteran Deacon's Ch. Cassencarrie Miss Grace at Pennywave

Junior Dog 1st: Curran's Clydeheath's Double O'Seven
14 mth old pepper, pleasing head and strength with good expression, ok for shoulder and body, just needs to drop in chest, good outline, needs more training, good on the move when settled.

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Bell's Reidswire Lord O'Liddesdale
2 yrs old, good type, good bone without coarseness. Liked his head and clean front, ok for body, moved out well.
2nd: Rayner's Reidswire Border Battlecry to Rubegud
Overall again a nice type, good length of body, head and expression ok, would like a little more bone with a better outline, excellent quarters, in good coat.
3rd: McLaughlan & Fitzsimmons's Wilmit Hawkeye Pierce at Lanleadane
Res: Fear's Barely Legal Coconut Caramel at Ceilmear

Limit Dog 1st: Brown's Great Gatsby ze Zihelske Zahrady
Good type with nice head and expression, strong jaw, pleasing neck and front, strong body with good shape, hindquarters well muscled, which he uses on the move, well handled and presented.
2nd: Gnatyuk's Dariant Chelentano
Good shape standing, well balanced all through, pleasing head with good shape, sound on the move, would like a better coat.

Open Dog 1st: Deacon & Hill's Ch. Cassencarrie Choirmaster
Top quality male, true Dandie type, standing and moving, balanced all way through, correct Dandie head with right expression, clean all the way through with correct body shape, very sound on the move with good extension back and forth, holding his topline, presented as always in top form. CC and BOB.
2nd: Booth's Ch. Borderstone Kingman for Lannia
Again lovely quality, a worthy champion, lovely head with strength, built correctly, in excellent coat, very sound on the move, would just like more body today. Res CC.
3rd: Tinsley's Xoranda Secret Ron Day View to Cloverwood
Res: Youngs's Inzievar The Goldsmith
VHC: Drake's Tollcross Tartan Tavish

Veteran Dog/Bitch 1st: Deacon's Ch. Cassencarrie Miss Grace at Pennywave
10 yr old bitch in top form, lovely make and shape, so sound on the move for her age, in good coat, excellent bite and well worthy champion.

Minor Puppy Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Cressida
Very promising puppy, very good type, nice bone for size, good coat texture, good on the move, one for the future.

Puppy Bitch 1st: Wilson's Morawelon Cader Idris
11 mth old pepper, took my eye for her overall good type and shape, lovely head with correct expression, good body for age, holding shape on the move with good extension back and forth, handled well and presented. BP.
2nd: McLaughlan & Fitzsimmons's Norma Jeane Baker di Luna Caprese at Lanleadane
Good make and shape, liked her size and bone, pleasing head, ok for front assembly with good spring of rib, true on the move.
3rd: Bell's Dryfevalley Gala

Junior Bitch 1st: Rolland's Dandiroyal Cotswold Dream
Good type, good strength of skull, correct eye and jaw, good in neck and front with good body and topline, good in coat, very sound on the move, looked the part. RCC.
2nd: Kurg & Milton's Wilmit Raffles at Etsill
Feminine bitch, lovely quality and type, pleasing head with good eye and jaw, correct bone for size, very strong behind, lost to first on front extension, good future.

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Bell's Reidswire Lady Bryghte
2 yr old, balanced bitch of good type, liked her head and her overall make and shape, good spring of rib, strong in quarters, in lovely coat, covers the ring on the move.
2nd: Allenby's Wilmit Mildred Potter for Diddimont
Pleasing to go over, good Dandie type, head shape and make good, good front assembly, body shape good with angles behind, sound.
3rd: Brown's Henrietta Harris ze Zihelske Zahrady
Res: Fear's Ceilmear's Total Chancer
VHC: Poole's Reidswire Border Bluebell

Limit Bitch 1st: Rolland's Dandiroyal Cotswold Dream
2nd: Youngs's Dentgate Opal
5 yr old pepper/salt, nice quality bitch, pleasing to go over, ok for front assembly, would like more extension from behind, but an honest bitch.

Open Bitch 1st: Milton's Ch. Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit
Pepper/salt, 5 yrs old, excellent type, carrying all the virtues of a quality bitch. Liked her head, down to her tail, correct topline standing and moving, sound on the move, in good order, pleased to head I was the first to judge her as a puppy, giving her RCC and BP. Now 28 CCs later, well deserved. BCC.
2nd: Rolland's Dandiroyal Cotswold Dream