Vulnerable Native Breeds Launch - Crufts 2005

On the 10th - 13th March 2005 the Kennel Club will be staging the "Greatest Dog Show in the World" - Crufts, at the NEC Birmingham.

At the Birmingham Press Launch of Crufts at the NEC at 10.30am on Tuesday 8 March 2005, the Kennel Club will be featuring vulnerable breeds, which in turn will be promoting themselves, proving what a joy they are to own and demonstrating their many skills and talents.

There are 28 British or Irish breeds that are in decline for various reasons such as an influx of new breeds from overseas and breeders not continuing their bloodlines. To redress the balance and to protect and promote these breeds, a Working Group has been formed and various initiatives are underway such as promotion and education to prospective owners and a parade of vulnerable breeds throughout the four days at Crufts.

Said Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary: "These vulnerable native breeds are a very important issue for the Kennel Club and we feel dog lovers themselves hold the key to arresting the decline by giving serious thought to owning one of them and instigating a new era for British Breeds at their best. With over 200 breeds available to UK dog owners and nearly 180 breeds appearing at Crufts, dog lovers really are spoilt for choice, but we should not forget these well established breeds, as it would be a travesty if they became extinct from our shores."

Crufts 2005 will welcome over 24,000 dogs and 120,000 visitors from all over the world, where the best dogs on the planet will be competing for the prestigious title - Best in Show. They will be accompanied by other top pedigree and crossbreed dogs striving to gain awards in disciplines such as Obedience, Agility and Flyball.