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by Audrey Heaton. After thirty years with the Little Devils – Angels! I’ve learnt a lot. One is not to get upset, THEY will always come out on top.
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by Sandra Stuart. The AKC has a bumper sticker that reads 'a real dog has a title on both ends'. Since I have some physical problems that make walking difficult, I was never able to do agility, obedience or other events that required mobility.
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The research project at The University of Missouri to identify DNA markers for primary Glaucoma and Lens Luxation in many breeds of dogs is funded by a grant from the Canine Health Foundation.
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by Audrey Heaton. I am ten years old, mustard in colour and after two previous homes I have returned to Toll Bar Cottage with my mother, two sisters and a cousin.
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by Mr R F Jarman. Until a few weeks ago I had never had the privilege of seeing a Dandie Dinmont and obviously did not know anything about them. So what has prompted me to write this little story?
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