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Copyright has been in existence, although under different names and various rules since the 15th Century. The invention and use of the printing press necessitated new laws for copying documents which had been done previously by hand.
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by Ian & Pam Smith. After the heartbreak of losing our first Dandie and vowing in the vets never to have another, we found ourselves discussing the possibility.
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or The Not So Quiet Life, by Yvette Andrewartha. There is a current wisdom that having a dog reduces your stress levels. Perhaps this doesn’t take into account the impact of living with a pack of boisterous Dandie Dinmonts.
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by Bronwell Bond. The DDTRL proudly announce the creation of their new website, www.dandierescueleague.com, to enhance the work of providing rescue support to all Dandies in need of a loving home.
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by Barbara Hunter. At a Dandie club event recently the subject of eye problems and testing was raised and discussed, and also the associated breeding implications.
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