Glaucoma Eye Research Days
Saturday, 08 July 2017 17:55
James Oliver from the AHT has asked "Please let me know if there are any older Dandies we could screen and include in this research, like we did last year. We have made significant progress since we last spoke but we do need even more DNA samples and to examine more Dandies over 5 years old and also if possible see and examine some of the Dandies that I saw when they were younger at the club shows, that are now over 5 years old". He will send me a list of the ones he has already seen when younger so I can make personal contact with owners. 
Amanda Clarkson and myself are trying to organise 2 days for this. The screening is free of charge and information gained to be used for research purposes only. If you require a BVA eye certificate then normal charges apply (£56). Please let me know when making the appointment if this is needed.
1st day on Saturday October 7th at my home in Little Birch, Herefordshire.
2nd day on Sunday 22nd October at Riverside vet practice, Livingston, Edinburgh
If you have a Dandie over 5 years old and are willing to help with this important research and can come, please let me know so I can book you in. The KC will also be contacting owners of Dandies over 5 years old. ??Our goal is 25 at each venue, so if you have an older Dandie over 5 years and can attend, please assist James Olive and the Animal Health Trust with this important research and come if you can. Refreshments will be provided. 
Contact me for appointment times at both venues.
Lynda Bromley
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