Bath Canine Society 2009

22nd May 2009.  Judge: Mr Frank Kane.

"How I enjoyed judging the breed. I am hooked on them since I had a visitor with two young bitches who made themselves immediately at home. Wonderful character in the breed. In the 1970s I gave a Dandie of the late Harry Drury RBIS at Scunthorpe & remember well what he later told me about the breed. Enjoyed this entry, quality exhibits."

Best Dog

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Best Bitch & BOB

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Best Puppy

Hamilton's Margham Moon Duster

Hughes's Margham Go For Gold with Maganbar

Shore's Ch. Swanwillow Savannah

Tinsley's Cloverwood Lemon Drizzle

Tinsley's Cloverwood Lemon Drizzle

Open Dog

1st: Hamilton's Margham Moon Duster

Pepper of good body shape.  Could be just a little longer.  Good movement, excellent coat texture. Tail a little too long.  Masculine head which could have a little more rise of skull & slightly shorter foreface but he has a lot of type & quality & made a pleasing overall picture. BD.

2nd: Hughes's Margham Go For Gold with Maganbar

Litter brother, mustard.  I slightly preferred his head for proportions & skull shape.  Not the topline nor movement of 1.  RBD.

Puppy Bitch

1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Lemon Drizzle

10 months mustard, beautiful puppy of excellent length & shape, beautiful head for skull shape & muzzle proportions. For me the best head of the day for proportions. Excellent movement, should have a great future. I would be happy to own this one. Coat coming on nicely, obviously still babyish but great quality & type. RBB & BP.

2nd: Hughes's Maganbar Silver Geisha

11 months pepper, good coat texture, good length of body. Head a little long & needs to develop a little more stop. Sound but not the shape of 1 at the moment.

Junior Bitch

1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Razzberry Ice

11 months, of good length & shape, very good head & eyes, fine ear leathers, well made all through & accurate on the move. Just needs a little more confidence.

2nd: Hewitt's Clearwater Memphis Belle

Mustard. Slightly heavier in body & a little heavy in front which shows in her front movement. Good head, eyes & ears, sound rear. A little less weight would give more shape to her body. Has a lot to like.

Postgraduate Bitch

1st: Shore's Swanwillow Passion Flower

Mustard of good length & correct body shape. Coat just coming in. Excellent mover. Head needs time to develop, a little long in foreface at the moment. Pigment could be stronger. Excellent carriage & really good drive from the quarters.

2nd: Milliner's Millerim Rubis Jeudi

Pepper of good coat & colour, strong skull which is a little flat, strong muzzle, excellent hind action. Topline a little exaggerated but has a lot of breed type.

3rd: Bailey's Stinchcombe Rosa Mundi

Open Bitch

1st: Shore's Ch. Swanwillow Savannah

Top quality mustard, lovely body shape, excellent coat, very good movement at both ends holding body shape well, good skull & eyes, looked the finished product.  BOB.

2nd: Milliner's Dengold Gypsy Moth at Millerim

Pepper, excellent texture of coat, weasel like body shape, good head proportions. Not front action of 1.